Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

No One Reads My Wall. I so Sad.

I know a bunch of you have put these up on your Facebook wall.  There are far too many versions of these "Please Love Me" or "Tell Me How We Met" or "I Know only My True Friends Read My Wall" or "You Must Be Not Paying Attention to Me" memes to post here.  I know a bunch of you have posted these from friends to family and I have one thing to tell you:

I will never respond to one of the memes.

I am your friend.  I may be a close friend.  I may be a distant friend.  I may be a mentor.  I may be the guy who knows a guy who married a cousin's aunt sister that you met at a wedding. We may have shared teaching jobs, a classroom, a stage, or other histories together.  The point is that I should not have to prove to you that I read your wall or that my friendship on a social site needs validated by the use of a meme.

You asked to be my friend or I asked to be your friend because of that time we shared not because I ever expected to have to prove that relationship via some silly meme.  Facebook is a wondrous thing.  It has allowed me to find and catch up with people I had thought I had lost all contact with.  What an amazing thing.

I blog.  You may or may not agree with what I blog.  That's okay.  I do not measure your friendship with me on the basis of whether you follow my blog or not.  The fact is, I have, last I checked, six followers.  That's right six followers.  I also know that I have far more people who read my blog than the six followers.  My page views are now well over 29,000 views.  I know that more people are looking at my blog unless, of course, each of my six followers have actually read my 300 plus blogs at least 4800 times each.  Regardless of the number of followers, I will never make my friendship contingent on reading my blog.

So why, oh why, would you make my friendship on Facebook contingent on some meme you found that tells me that "no one reads my wall"?  I even saw one meme announcing that if  Facebook friends do not respond then that friend is gone.  Guess I'm gone. The irony is, of course, that if no one reads your wall, then no one knows that you posted a meme about not reading your wall.

If you really want more likes or comments, then post pictures, post events, or even post pictures of what you're eating for lunch.  If you want to know how we met because you've forgotten, you can ask me.  Chances are, I've forgotten too, but it will be fun as we try to remember together and not because of a meme.

And so I leave you with this last meme on the right. I often morbidly spend time thinking about my friends dying and whether or not I will attend the funeral. (Plant tongue firmly in cheek.)

Sigh...just sigh...