Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Super PACs (1 Item is in their shopping cart)

Try to put your personal politics aside and think about this.

That topic is the Super PAC.  Both sides have them and even local and state officials are putting them to use.  My concern is that the Romney campaign's super PAC(s) are controlled by quite literally a very few, super wealthy men.  I don't know what the president did to have these guys so willing to spend so much money to defeat him, but the amount of money is at last report a quarter of a billion dollars in just the presidential campaign, and they are determined to buy the presidency.  Am I the only one that noticed that when Romney comes to the swing states, it is always followed by a meeting with his wealthy donors?  I know what you're thinking...Obama has big spenders like movie stars but what these folks have contributed is like putting an eyedropper full of water into the ocean and expecting water levels to rise in comparison to what Adelson and others have given to the Republicans.  The intention is clear...they want to try and buy the election of as  many Republicans as they can and they especially want the presidency.

This means, if successful, the Super PAC will control a sitting president who by all account wanted to be president at all cost. Many and not just Democrats  believe that this was the primary reason for Romney becoming governor.  As I write this, I cannot believe that this could happen, but clearly negative television campaigns work and we are about to be inundated by these PACs on both sides of political spectrum which do not have to reveal their members nor do they have to answer to their candidates.

What promises, when they meet with the candidates, do the PACs get?  It is a frightening thought that this could happen.   All I know is that to stop this we must be ever vigilant.  It is clear the Supreme Court is not going to protect the people.  The one thing all the ads in the world cannot do is buy your vote.  As I said, I don't really care whom you intend to vote for; just think about what it means if this is true.

By the way there is an app that lets you find out who is behind the super pac ads.  For I-Phone is it called Super PAC app and for I-Phone and Android there is Ad Hawk.  Both apps are free at the App Store and GooglePlay.