Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Welcome to my Party


Welcome to the Travicratic Party...or should that be Travipublican...hmmm...I need a better name for my Party.  We are the the centrist, progressive, left leaning to the right Party of the 99.9 percent of the people and I am the king.  The .10 percent that do not belong are the extreme right and left wackadoodles that make too much noise and thought they were in charge.  We won't invite them to the Party, even on Facebook.

In our party the first thing we did was to fire the left and right leaders of the house and senate.  We told them to hit the trail with Gingrich.  Their inability to accomplish anything and to stone wall meant that they were leading in the wrong way.  They whined about it until we told them that they could share the same prison cell as the ones who attempted to take the vote from us if they would rather spend the time with friends. They made their first wise choice.

We revoked Grover Norquist's citizenship.  Perhaps the  first time a native born citizen has been given the option of finding some another country in which to live since Benedict Arnold.  He too was given an option ..find somewhere that wants you  or  we will arrange for you to live near the US border in Mexico.  The town of course was ran by the lovely Club Cartel.  It was obvious to us that he didn't give a damn about this country.  We reminded the rest of the 1 percent that we made them wealthy and we could make them un-wealthy too.  The rest of elected congress too was given an option: renounce all written pledges except for the oath of office or join friend Norquist.  You see, as congressmen and women, the allegiance it to the American people, all of them, not to some lobbyist or wealthy donor.  You owe us the 99.9 percent.  Wackadoodles are protected enough.

We didn't really care what their opinion was on taxes and funding and the social contract because we understood their beliefs were a part of the original constitutional intent.  They were to sit down, work out their differences and compromise, leaving the worse of what they wanted on the table and bringing the best together.  That was their job.  That was why they were elected.  That was why there were two houses.  Their job was not being Republican or Democrat.  Their job was to serve to the best of their ability.

Lobbyists weren't given the option.  They visited Club Cartel.

We reminded the President that it wasn't about the title, the ads, the money of Super-Packs, or which group of wackadoodles they wooed to get through the primaries.  It's not the debates or the year long campaign to become the leader of the free world.  It IS the job and the people weak and unknown, rich and powerful, all that they protect.

We also limited campaign.  All primary campaigns may start in July.  All primaries and caucuses must be held in August.  All party conventions may be in early September.  And campaigns, debates and advertising, limited only by donor money and no super-packs, may only occur after this.  All early voting may begin in early October and it is for every one 18 and older.  Any one or group trying to take the right to vote, gets jail which results in revocation of their right to vote. The net result was less stress on the electorate, a succinct election, already elected candidates could pay more attention to their job, and MSNBC and FOX had less to talk about.

We reminded judges on the Supreme Court that their party affiliation was irrelevant. They were to dispense justice based on not some stale piece of parchment written over two hundred years ago, but to look at a living ideal that it represented and interpret it to meet that simple ideal.  If they didn't remember the ideal we read it to them, "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." Then we read it to Congress and the President and every governor and every house in the land.  You see, in that one sentence life was given to an ever-changing document   The key is simple...the framers wanted something for all ages..."our posterity." They knew things would change and they gave us the means to do it.  All we had to do was remember.

We are the Party that believes in giving a helping hand.  We are the party that believes in helping and taking care of our seniors and our vets.  We understand that most will occasionally need help and we will make sure that help will come. We will take care of our children and make sure they get a well supported education that offers well-paid teachers in state of the art facilities.  We believe that everyone has the right to try and succeed.  We believe that all persons should be protected to keep them healthy, but that does not mean we protect those who can afford to be healthy, they just choose not to be. We believe that everyone pays their fair share, but if they cannot, see our first belief.   ("Promote the general welfare")

We believe that we cannot legislate morality.  We believe that everyone has the right to join in government recognized marriage.  We believe that we cannot tell religions what to believe about this.  We believe in freedom of speech but if you abuse that speech to cause death and destruction, you get to spend time for negligent homicide.  Freedom comes with responsibility.  We believe everyone has the right to equal pay for the same job and the right to make their voice heard in writing and in voting.  That all are protected by the same civil rights and civil liberties.("Secure the blessings of liberty")

We believe in the right to bear arms.Hunters and sportsman have the  right.  People have a right to protect their home.  Carrying a concealed weapon is not a part of this right.  An automatic weapon is not a part of this right.  An over-sized clip is not a right.  No one needs to hunt with an M-16.  We know that guns do not kill people but a drive-by stabbing is infinitely more difficult.  We believe that all should be able to walk down the street without the concern of being shot by someone.  We understand that the original right was given so the country could feed its people and raise a militia and that such needs are not quite what they once were, but still we understand. We also understand the need to make sure we offer protection in a standing military and police ("To provide for the common defense")

We believe that citizens should have the ability to voice violations of their freedoms or their rights.  That they have a right to seek redress for these violations.  If they use this right for the inane and the frivolous, then both they and their lawyer equally share in the cost and time.  If it's fraudulent, they too might find a reminder that with liberty comes responsibility too. We believe that big money has no place in our election process or in the governmental process.  It's why the lobbyist were given a new place to work. ("Establish justice")

There is so much that we of the Travicratic? Travipublican? Party see what could be done if  those we elect would just remember this one sentence.  It really is all there in that one sentence. It is the twin belief in two simple ideals: Liberty and Civil Rights. It doesn't need to be unpacked or interpreted or updated.  It needs only to be read, remembered and taken to heart. Or you could look at something else that the framers surely knew when they wrote it: the golden rule,  protect and care for one another - welfare, responsibility, defense, and liberty.

Here ends the lesson...