Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Ban 2


The next suggestion of banning in the gun safety issue is one that I agree with.  That is the sale and use of the over-sized clips.  According to polls, nearly 65% or more of Americans agree on this.  Again, this issue is not like the movies.  The villain or the hero don't stride down the street easily dropping clips in slow motion from his semi-automatic pistol or Oozie and then reaching into his coat pocket and smoothly slamming the next clip into place without missing a step.  Reloading takes time.  Even if it is a few seconds, but in the middle of the madness that occurs during most mass shootings with a most likely inexperienced shooter, it could take longer.  These seconds are vital to for finding cover or escaping.  The shooter must pause and trying to make sure he must pause more often only makes sense.  If the assault rifle or for that matter any rifle or pistol someone owns is for defense or sport, these over-sized clips serve no function.

If a person cannot hit what he or she is shooting at in ten shots, he or she needs to practice.  If a home is invaded by more people than a person can defend with ten shots, that person is in serious trouble no matter how many bullets they have.  There is zero reason to have these except to inflict as much damage as possible or because someone is too lazy to reload.  In target shooting, an over-sized clip adds extra weight and effects the balance of a - true sporting and target weapon.  Again, if the person thinks he or she needs these clips to protect himself from the evil government coming for him, I have a documentary film for them.  It's called Men in Black.  

So what do we do about the clips already out there?  We cannot really  ban them, but we can make them illegal to use anywhere but on a shooting range.  We add to the jail time of any person who is caught using an over-sized clip in the commission of a crime and we hold accountable the people who have them in their possession.  If someone owns one of these and a shooter gets a hold of it, the owner of the clip can be held responsible for not making sure it was secure.  In other words, own these clips at one's own risk. These clips are not protected the second amendment and I believe this is one ban that could make a difference.