Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

It Don't Make Sense

That the IRS targeted any group no matter how extreme the group may be is wrong.  The scandal, the new buzz word in DC, is that the IRS targeted Tea Party groups for investigation.  I should also point out that if you type in "IRS Scandal" into Google, you may also need to include the year.  The IRS issue has been going on for years. In fact, Congress actually took action to make sure the White House has little to no control over the IRS in the 70's because of Nixon's abuse of his power over the agency.  Nevermind that these groups are clearly not charities but political groups and that it seems that only the smaller groups were targeted.  Having computers search for particular buzz words that specifically target one group or another is clearly wrong.

That said, shortly after the scandal broke, it was announced that not one of the conservative groups was denied status.  In fact, it seems the only groups which were not approved were liberal groups that were also possibly targeted or not targeted or... I just don't know.  I am still not clear as to who was hurt.  Conservative Tea Party groups were delayed but not denied.  Liberal Progressive groups were or were not targeted and were denied, and all this is an attack on the extreme right.  How's that again?

And then today, I see this news blog.  So if the IRS targeted Tea Party groups how exactly did an LGBT group that sells bow ties end up on the list? I know this whole thing smells, but I need a clearer explanation as to how exactly this is a targeting of only the right?

We seriously need to get the political groups out of the charity group tax exempt.  Wanna avoid this problem?  Dear Congress, please quit holding hearings on non-existent scandals and expensive votes or nonvotes on laws already on the books. Quit stopping laws solely because you get paid by special interest groups or don't like who the People chose for president.  Try this on for size.  Do your job.  Clarify the tax code so the IRS is not in this position to guess what exactly is charity and what is exactly political action.

This scandal is from someone not doing their job following the Supreme Court ruling that created this mess because suddenly both sides had money from groups got to claim they were not political while being political.  The job not done was  not the IRS  who failed, but once again it was Congress playing politics instead of taking care of the country.