Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Not Much

Actually I don't have it, but everyone
needs a cute cat picture once in a while.
It's the internet, after all.
I know.  I know.  I haven't written in a while.  It's not that I've given up blogging, but it's just that I haven't found much to blog about, nothing for a real rant or review of length has come forward. So I thought I might just do a few shorties.  This is going to be random...

No really stupid memes have come my way, unless you count the one or two supporting or "standing by Clive," that rancher in Nevada.  Most folks have figured out that the guy has been not to paying his  grazing fees for  two decades on land that was not his family's, has lost several court cases, and has basically ignored BLM fines which were originally cleared by President Reagan in an executive order 12548.  Most saw that he gathered a group who wanted to have a shoot out with the law, threatened to use their women as shields and even placed snipers.  We know this guy is so racist that all he needs is sheet to wear and a cross to burn.  Will someone explain to me how he cannot recognize the USA Governement and fly its flag at the same time. Even Hannity and the once supportive Rand Paul and at least one Nevada senator were forced to backtrack on this "patriot," and the main Tea Party has remained strangely silent.

I suppose I could have written about Sarah Palin equating holy baptism with torture at the NRA convention, but in all honesty the less press we give her the better.

I thought about maybe writing a review of the new comedy series Bad Teacher, but I could only watch that dreck for about ten minutes before I went to the DVR.  That ten minutes was actually about two minutes longer than I made it into the movie version. I do not know when bad movies became a good idea for television series, but despite the snippets of a review from People to advertise the show, I actually could only come up with two comments.  People magazine is hardly the place I would turn for in-depth and intelligent analysis when its biggest story every year is the sexiest people alive issue.  I am underwhelmed by this news.  And as for Bad Teacher,  the adjective in the title is all you need to describe this show.

Watch Fargo.  It is far more interesting and intelligent and really well acted.

I also contemplated a rant about some of the posts that a few people put up because on more than one occasion I see the post from someone I know and think to myself, "I had you in class or I've known you for years.  What happened? I know you were smarter than this.  When did you become the echo chamber for extremists, biased news, and conspiracy theorists?  Did it just become too difficult to check the facts?" I then silently "sigh" for the loss of a promising mind.

So I've saved all this for one minor rant and review to let you know that I haven't quit ranting and reviewing.  I just don't have much right now.  Good news is that Spiderman opens this weekend.