Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Fun with the Flag

Haven't done one in a while. And now....

A long awaited Stupid Meme...


And in answer to the question: "No." I even searched for "Obama holding the flag."

And here is a question: Do you know the story behind the picture of this meme?  

No? Well there was more than one taken.  This one:
There is also one of Bush holding it upside down, but that one is a fake. The one of him holding it backwards  is pretty well documented. Apparently, according to one source, after Laura explained to her husband that he had held the flag backwards, he did the photo op again.
Now another question: Have you, Mr. or Ms. Meme Maker, ever had a picture like this taken with you holding a flag?  No? Me either.  I actually searched for pictures of "president holding the flag" and found nothing for any other President...well there was this:

Would you ask this question about any other president? No?

One more question then: What difference does it make?

 If the biggest issue you have is who has a picture taken while holding a flag, you really should get a hobby or try reading a book instead of falling for this trolling piece of hate.

Actually there is perhaps one picture of someone with a flag you should be spreading on social media:

Stop the hate. Thanks.