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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Politics of Popeye...No, Really.

You know you might be in trouble if your news panel is talking about the ridiculous as if it is serious political news. I did not actually see this, but when I saw it being reported on my timeline, I had to check it out.  It is all on video(see video here).

We talked about pundits who were upset over a tan suit worn by President Obama.  How about the talk show on Fox that complained that comic book figures are being sissified. You know because they saw a leaked animation sample of a new Popeye movie in which Popeye isn't smoking his trademark pipe and has no tattoos.  One host  says the pipe is a "symbol of masculinity" and that "the reason the country exists" is tobacco.  They were also concerned that Thor is becoming a woman.  The fact that he has also been a frog and horse  didn't come up (okay, the horse Thor was also known as Beta Ray Bill).  The other concern was that the new Wonder Woman costume  in Batman v. Superman is dark. This apparently means that she is no longer patriotic.  After all, she is an Amazon, which is as American as one can get. One of the hosts even shows a photo of Wonder Woman in a pantsuit.  He laments the loss of the halter top and hotpants because apparently he thinks the pants were added so as to not offend Muslims.    Gee, I wonder why he misses that outfit?  He probably wonders why real women find him sexist?

And then there was this:

I have only one thing to say: