Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Friday, February 19, 2016

It's the Little Things

First, I started writing this before Christmas, so please forgive me if it's not as topical as it was then. It is, however, still applicable.  People are still calling each other names over absolutely trivial things and acting like these little things matter.

You know there is a boatload of things that people are upset, outraged, indignant, angry, perturbed, dismayed, bothered, ruffled by.  I have one thing to say about it: most of it does not matter and get a sense of humor. When did we become so many spoiled junior high adolescents?  This is not a new rant, but the whole "we did this because so and so did it" is getting old.

Before Christmas came the infamous red cup of Starbucks.  Was there a huge outcry about the lack of decorations celebrating the season? Actually, no.  There was an infinitesimally small group of extreme something or others that were outraged by the fictional war on Christmas that posted something on social media. It went viral.  The news reported it like it was a big deal and voila outrage over a red paper cup.  I mean you would've thought Starbucks had put a menorah on the cup or put out a rainbow colored cup in honor of the anniversary of the release of the Wizard of Oz.  That is why you would have a rainbow cup, right?

There was also the usual blizzard of those horrible stores wishing everyone a "happy holiday" instead of "Merry Christmas." After all, why would any retailer or any person who has a friend that isn't of their belief system want to wish them good days during the holidays?

Then came the outcry by one or two people who had their humorous bone (actually spelled humerus in your Grey's Anatomy) removed about a tee-shirt which said, "I have OCD: Obsessive Christmas Disorder." Again it was reported and made important by going only slightly less viral than red cups.  Apparently, no one among the angry denizens of "Ihatemylifeandeveryoneelsestoo" land has not seen the multitude of other tees that include: "just add alcohol; I have CDO which is like OCD except in the right order"; and or a host of other potentially offensive tee shirts. Humor apparently does not reside in their layer of the stratosphere.

Look, I was in education and there are more than a few teacher jokes out there.  Some are actually pretty funny. I am not immune to the more slanderous ones, but I am not going on a viral tear about the humor someone's attempt at humor.  Besides the vast majority of us get that it is a joke.  Contrary to what the average sit-com or TV show would have us believe, all men are not idiots, all teenagers do not all suffer from angst, all blondes are not dumb or bimbos, and not all overweight people are funny.  It still remains true if you want to know the best lawyer jokes, ask a lawyer.

Let's face it, people have always been upset over things that do not matter, but to make a big deal over which is better: Coke or Pepsi or that some movie star or singer have endorsed something or someone is just ridiculous.  First, I no longer drink cola but if I did, it would be a ginger ale or a root beer. I've met many a celebrity and please believe me when I say this, I wouldn't trust their educated opinion any more than I would trust a mirror not to reflect.  For the most part, they have done as much research as someone who post articles and memes from partisan Facebook pages.  They don't.

So before it goes viral, give this a shot.  Don't comment. Don't repost.  Let news organizations know they might want to try to report real news. I just want to go back to arguing over whether the dress is gold or blue.