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Thursday, June 8, 2017

DC Finally Hits A Bullseye

Wonder Woman is the movie we've been hoping that DC movies would be. Instead of a solely dark and grim movie with black humor if any humor comes in the movie, Wonder Woman, while still having dark moments, becomes a well-balanced super hero movie. While different still from the Marvel movies which often have over-extended fight scenes and far more humor, Wonder Woman seeks to build stronger characters for which we can actually root. Of late, the heroes of the DCMU have become far too humorless and dark. Even the once bright and shiny Man of Steel lost that heroic and often patriotic stature or "good guy" feel. Not so with Wonder Woman. 

Not only is it high time that Hollywood give a live action feature film dedicated to a female comic book hero, but also this movie has opened the door for a better slate of DC movies than the uninviting universe of Suicide Squad and of Batman v Superman. Hopefully Justice League and future standalone Batman, Superman, and Aquaman movies will give us the heroes we need and not the ones we deserve. 

Gal Godot plays the role perfectly. She is both strong and an innocent as we learn the origin of Wonder Woman, Diana Prince. Her wide-eyed innocent is perfectly balanced with great action scenes with classic comic book poses. Gal Godot is also a stunningly, breathtakingly beautiful woman. She is perfect as the classic super hero goddess. Gone are the hokey and silly special effects of the Wonder Woman TV series. In its place is finally proof that DC movies have potential to become really good. It is also fun to see Chris Pine play the reverse role that far too many women have been relegated to playing.  The cast is over-all pretty good in set-up and execution even if the Amazons become a bit two dimensional in depth.

Yes, the characters are not as fleshed out as they could be. Yes, the movie is somewhat predictable. I had a pretty good idea who would survive and who would turn out to be the big bad pretty early on in the movie. Yes, the movie does depart the comic book story line of Wonder Woman from the comic books which give us a pretty good idea that Wonder Woman 2 is probably not going back to that story line again. The movie's success also guarantees that there will be a Wonder Woman 2 and hopefully will open the door for more standalone female super heroes. 
I liked the movie and highly recommend it. I didn't really see much addition in seeing it in 3-D so you might want to save the additional cost. I will buy the Blu-ray.