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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Shoot therefore I am safe (and you're not)

This week in memes brings us gun rights memes.  My intent here is not to discuss the gun rights issue, but the unstated themes that  memes can make.  These are a group of memes posted meant to show a couple of things.  One is that guns in the home protect people. Another is the importance of the second amendment. Both of these are common enough arguments, but as with many of this style of meme, there are also some interesting statements being made.

There is the implication that 911 is used solely for the purpose of reaching the police.  I've called 911 three or four times in my life and not once to get the police.  I've used it for the fire department for an electrical fire we had years ago and to call for medical  help.  While I could find no reliable statistics on what the reasons most common for 911 calls, I suspect that it is more often for medical, accidents, and fires than it is for "someone broke into my house."

The other statement that these memes make is that 'I will shoot you if I think you are a danger and I will not warn you that I am armed' or 'I care more about my stuff than your life.  I will not call 911 if you survive. ' Most burglars, I would think, would prefer an empty house.  I know there are other types of break-ins, but by far the most common is burglary.

Ahh well, nothing says we need no gun control than a series of memes announcing "I own a gun and will willingly shoot you" or :"I have something that shoots more than a politician's speech."  Humor aside, are these posts really arguing that the 2nd amendment gives a right to shoot someone?  It is also a bit ironic that while argiomg about the 2nd amendment, someone is attacked for his or her use of the 1st amendment. Attacking the person is not an arguement for or against something.  In fact, it usally means the argument is being lost.

He didn't give us either, Yosemite, btw. (I admit this one is funny.)

There is this from a tavern in Philly.  Not a meme, but it does show the impact of these things.  There is nothing like announcing if someone has a heart attack or some medical issue or if a fight breaks out, he is on his own in this establishment.  
And in case you don't believe me that these are making the way into the public here is another. So glad his shed is safe. I wonder if his family lives inside. After all, isn't the argument that guns are needed to protect self and family?
And this.  The barbwire effect and the minature shotgun are nice touchs. It gives it that homey feel.   
All I know is I would not want to be a door-to-door salesman at some of these houses.  Whatever happened to big dogs or simply stating "I am armed"?