Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

So you like that page? So what?

On Facebook, I hit the like button quite often.  I like a diverse number of things, and by liking some places such as stores and other products I get special offers from them or contests I can enter or coupons to use.  I enjoy Facebook for humor and jokes and the occasional serious (no fringe please) discussions on events, laws and a host of other things. It is also fun just to find someone who I have not seen in years or find a student from 30 years ago.  I am constantly amazed by the pictures that show up from those days.

I also know some folks would like to see this button:
Personally, I would like to see this button:

It is not the buttons though I want to write about. Until these buttons appear, we should look at the LIKE button.

I also have a diverse group of friends.  Some are extreme to the right, and some are extreme to the left.  Some are mildly conservative, and some are mildly liberal.  I enjoy the diversity even if sometimes it is a bit crazy.  It makes me ponder and gives me something to think and blog about. I like reasonable comments.  Point of view is unfortunately something that has too often been  politicized or taken to extremes.  Too many organizations rely on the fear argument rather than common sense.  Arguing over what pages I put in with my "Like button"? Really?

Attacking me for what I like is just plain ridiculous.  Nine time out of ten time, what you know or think you know about why I might like something, you don't know. Liking something is a matter of taste, and not right, wrong or indifferent.  I actually seldom look at what people have listed on their "Likes" file. At last count, I had 241 of them.  I am always glad to discuss something that a friend and I have in common. Recently for example, a friend and I discussed the TV series Fringe, and its concluding episodes because he noted we had a common interest.  The purpose of liking pages, for me, is a common interest not to give someone something random to dislike about me.  I am a Trekkie, but I also am very fond of Star Wars and was in fact in line for the opening of the re-releases of the original  years back.  I am constantly amused by people who dislike someone because he likes Trek over Wars.  I would never attack someone because  he or she likes a product or page that I would never like.

Liking something is often without reason.  It is like choosing between Coke or Pepsi.  It is taste and little else.  I seldom drink soda, but prefer ginger ale.

I will always be happy to discuss the merits of a movie or book with you, but there are things that I like because I like them.  I go where I go. I think what I think. I like what I like.  I have a pile of great literature that I read and a pile of books that will most likely go out of print a month after publication.  I love great film and bad B-movies.

If I have a comment about something you  share, it will be due to that comment or share appearing on my wall and because it is something we can have a reasonable discussion about. I will not call you a name because of your beliefs even if you should be wearing a tin foil hat.  If what you post is factually wrong, I generally won't let that ride. I am not going to tell you that you are silly for liking a particular page.  For all I know, you did so because you like the humor on that page, or it lets you enter a contest they were having.  I will not ask you to defend liking a page.

If you resort to calling someone a name, you've already lost the argument.  If you or one of your family, verbally  attack me personally because of a comment, then odds are I will quit commenting on anything you post.  It isn't worth the aggravation. It is clear that a serious discussion, or as was in one case a humorous one, is now out of the question. If what you post is truly off in la la land, then I will simply limit what you can post to my wall.  As I've stated before, never argue with a crazy person.

To judge me about what I have in my Likes on Facebook really tells you nothing about me, but it tells me a boat load about you.  If you don't like what I like, you don't have to.  You also do not need to comment on it. You can like all the propaganda, political, right wing, left wing, and wing nut pages you want.

I promise I will not comment on your liked pages no matter how silly, fringe, or just plain wrong they are.

Oops, I now have 242 likes...