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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Logic: A Meme by Request.


Okay so you don't get the idea of logical argument?  False premise 1: Abortion was not done long before Roe v. Wade.  False premise 2: All unwanted pregnancies currently end in abortion.  False premise 3: Jobs invented at the least Apple and at most the modern computer age. 

Steve Jobs was not the sole founder of Apple BTW. The meme makes the assumption that without Jobs there would be no Apple jobs. 

There was this guy: Steve Wozniak was actually the mechanical and programming wizard who designed and programmed the first Apple.  
And in case you don't believe me, here is a picture of The Woz with Steve Jobs.

There is also this guy. His name is Ronald Wayne, and he was a co-founder of Apple with Jobs and Woz.  He left after 12 days essentially throwing away the golden ticket. He set up the original business model that would become Apple.

There is of course this guy so I suppose if Jobs hadn't been born we might all be still trying to deal with Windows Millenium.  Of course, he might have come up with some thing else like a whole different operating system.

Or maybe this guy would found a new computer system. His name is Larry Page and along with Sergey Brin created a company called Google.  Their company makes Android. So I guess he sorta did make a whole different operating system.

Oh and the IPod was not invented by Steve Jobs.  The original idea was conceived by Tony Fadell, although according to Steve Jobs it was inspired by Star Trek as was the first flip phones.

So maybe without this guy none of it would have happened. His name is Gene Roddenberry, and he created Star Trek.

Of Course without this guy, Jobs, Woz and the rest would be pointless.  His name is Konrad Zuse.  He is the inventor of the modern computer.

And they would've all failed without him.  He is Thomas Alva Edison.
So if you want to play "what if" you make a huge presumption that someone else would not have come up with something.  SinceJobs was adopted, what if he was adopted by a different family or if he and his sister had been adopted together.  By the way, he was put up because his mother was at first not allowed to marry a Syrian Muslim, Abdulfattah Jandali, who she did eventually marry.  

We can also play "what if" with this.

What if this guy had never been born?
Mark Zuckerberg
How would you deliver your illogical and lack of thought memes?  I guess we would have to go back to MySpace which was founded by these guys: 
Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson
What if abortion had been legal and this guy's parents didn't want him?

How would the world be different?

Dumb game, huh? Dumb meme, too.