Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Friday, September 27, 2013


I know. I know.  I've talked about this before, but I keep hoping that a few folks who keep posting these memes will see one of these and actually pause before posting. It's a silly hope, but I keep trying.

So if you don't get what's wrong with this one immediately you need to stop and put a thought into your head. The irony of this is so multi-leveled, where do I begin.  The Bible, particularly the New Testament, is touted as a writing love and peace is juxtaposed to a weapon, a handgun.  Is the first thing that leaps to mind when you see a handgun sport or protection? If it is, you need serious help.  It is a weapon. I know of no time when guns were taught in school.  I do know that many after school programs include hunter and gun safety.  Why are morals and shooting guns a school's responsibility?  Don't parents have some responsibility in this? If you are going to put all responsibility on a school you had better be prepared for the outcome because not all teachers believe in guns or your religion.  That too is a protected right. Free thought, I am sure you've heard of it. If you abdicate your responsibility, you become irresponsible.

Next is the Constitution.  How can you possibly support a very narrow interpretation of the second amendment and ignore a straight forward one of the first? I've said this before and will try one more time: Our country was built on the idea of freedom of religion.  The Christian religion is not the only religion in this country. Religion being taught, as how this meme clearly intends, is a violation of the first amendment and the intent of separation of church and state even with any kind of interpretation of the amendment.

This  is another along the same line is this meme.  Please see above about teaching the Bible. One more time for the Supreme Court ruling impaired. Bibles are not banned in any school.  A student or staff member may not impose their religious point of view in the classroom.  They may read any religious item.  In fact, coming up is the annual See You at the Pole event.  Students and staff gather at the school flag pole before school in celebration of their beliefs.  If you are going to post this stuff, at least check your facts.   If you want your child to have a religious teaching in a school, I suggest you send them to one of the numerous religious private schools that exist all over the country.  

Finally is this meme that really has nothing to do with The Constitution.  Gotta love the intent, but honestly, God will do you a favor if you repost a meme? I know that He answers all prayer -- but not in the way you want -- but now, apparently, He does favors.  I think the meme may be confusing God with the godfather who does favors for his friends.  I've actually seen versions of this meme now a half dozen times or so.  This is the equivalent of post this and you'll get money.  Do you honestly want to put God on the level of one of those silly luck memes? Stop, just stop.  It's foolish.