Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Election

I've actually got very little to say.  What passed and failed yesterday was not unexpected.

 Off year elections are usually dominated by issue-driven and older voters. These voters tend to be conservative. It's why unattached recall elections work and why states nation wide frequently see the more radical elections in the off year.  I had hopes that Amendment 66 to fund schools would pass, but I knew that given the off-off year of the ballot issue and the state's abysmal record on supporting school bills or for that matter any tax bill it was highly unlikely. In all honestly the only way to help our schools, roads, and many other state issues is to find a way to repeal TABOR.  It was also true for the only tax issue likely to pass because most of the folks who passed the legalization of marijuana were also the group not likely to show up to oppose the taxes on it while those who were opposed to the original issue were.

I am also glad that reason ruled on the secession vote, and most of the counties involved voted no. As one news writer I read pointed out that given traditional turn out in the eleven counties the actual number of people who might support this issue was really about two percent of the Colorado electorate.  Although given the political nature turn out in an off year, I must admit some surprise that it was not closer in several of the counties. Still, many also had to realize the futility of the attempt since it was unlikely the state congress would support it or the national congress who can currently barely tie its metaphorical shoes would even take it up.

The fact is that if you wanted 66 to pass or to change out the extremely conservative board in Douglas County or pass even the most basic of sales tax bills, EVERYONE needs to participate in more than the regular presidential elections.