Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Excuse me while I pretend we are on the playground.

I will be brief.  I see more and more of these lovely little memes that I care to count.  They all begin with something innocuous, painfully trite, political, or just plain stupid and then end with one of the following:

"Many won't have the courage to repost this."
"Most won't share this."
"I will know who my friends are by those who share this."
"99 percent of you won't repost this..."

or some similar childish challenge.

Guess what?

If you post one of these I WILL NOT REPOST SUCH SILLY DRECK.

I am not on the playground.  I am not chicken. AND you can Double Dog or even use the Triple Dog dare me.  I do not measure friends on what they think I should share.  I do not measure my beliefs on the memes I am challenged to repost.  I will not be measured by what I choose to share on any social network.

Good memes stand on real merit; not on what you think will get it to go viral.  Show some guts and post something that will stand on its own. When I share, I do so because I find it valid, humorous, fun to do, a valid contest I am entering, something to save, or just something that was cool.  I do not beg or challenge people to share my blogs or anything I post. When they do share or when they comment, I am pleased that they found it worth their time to like, repost or G+ or whatever it is they want to do.  Save the juvenile dares and attempts at guilt. If it is worth it, then it will be shared. And while I am on reposting, we have enough cat memes and videos...