Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Not Blogging Blog

I know.  I've been taking some time off.  I suppose I could have written something more about Miley and her twerking, but in all honesty, what was left to say?  It was not really twerking, but a "bump and grind" by a twenty-one-year-old on a thirty-six-year-old father on his third marriage singing a derogatory song towards women while dressed to look like Beetlejuice.  Hey, it's a music awards show and like car racing, people watch it for the wrecks that could occur.  One hit wonder dad, Billy Ray must be so proud.  It is too bad about Miley's inability to keep her tongue in her mouth.  I worry she may have something serious like mouseketeeritis or teen angst or lack of talent.  Just remember that talent is directly proportional to the number of backup dancers a singer must have on stage to appear talented.

I could have blogged about  the much ado about Duck Dynasty that wondrous fake reality show.  You  believe that all except one Robertson decided to start wearing camouflage and grow out their hair and beards out all at the same time because they are psychically connected if you really like. You may also believe that  Phil Robertson hasn't said a single outrageous thing simply for publicity. I am not going to judge your lack of contact with reality.  Yes, it's true, A&E is, as one site I read has said, officially the Walmart of TV.  If you actually believe those lovely Southern Redneck stereotypes are real, you need to get out more.

So, I let the much ado of Phil Robertson attacking LGBT, reminiscing about the good old days when African Americans sang happily in the fields, and the video where he announced that men need to marry 'em young so girls will be raised to serve their man pass on by.  When Duck Dynasty goes off the air, its passing will only be noticed by those folks who have Chia planters in the shape of a Robertson.  Perhaps, those folks will learn to read or switch over to Honey BooBoo or Billy the Exterminator.

(Warning one link in the following paragraph uses a cuss word in the link title.  You've been warned.)

I've also let the recent publication of the list of movies with the most F-words pass by.  We will ignore that Variety, who first reported it, actually used Wikipedia as a source and other news organizations then credited Variety for the report. If accurate, the record holder for movies using the F-bomb that is not pornographic is The Wolf of Wall Street which uses the word 506 times in its 118 minute runtime.  I have not seen the movie, but still to have the word appear on average every 14 seconds makes one wonder, are there any sentences without cussing?  I will point out the actual record holder is a documentary which actually has the F-Word as its title. In that movie the word appears 857 times in just 93 minutes or every 6.5 seconds.  I let my blog rest for this list and my wondering as to why would anyone would actually want to have their movie listed on this list?  "Why, yes we hold the cussing record.  It is so much easier than meaningful dialog."

I also let pass the ignorance of people who immediately spread the satirical articles that appeared on January 1st about the number of deaths from marijuana overdoses and FBI and DEA raids. Even though a number of friends linked the reports and even said it was satire, the reactions to people who didn't read the thread was hilarious. Come on folks, get a clue and read a least more than your comment.

 I ignored the viral repeat of the alignment of the planets lessening gravity on January 4th (Zero G Day) which is actually an April Fool's joke played on the English public by a respected astronomer Patrick Moore in 1976.  Did you feel lighter? The press playing jokes on April 1 in England is something of a time-honored event, dating back to the reports on Spaghetti Trees in 1957.

I ignored the reposting of the discovery of Atlantis pyramids and sphinxes video on my time line which has been floating around in one form or another since the 90's. I ignored the "Worst Car Accident Ever Recorded" video which is also a documented fake and scam (the flying woman was added later).  I ignored the "man being eaten by shark" video which is also a scam.  I ignored the story about micro-chip implants being put into 2 million people in Wyoming which has an actual population of about 600,000 unless you include antelope.  This, of course, goes along with the idea you never argue with crazy people.

It is another year of people linking and posting and not bothering to spend five seconds researching. I've ignored all this and not blogged about it and probably won't, unless, of course, you count this blog.


Happy New Year.