Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Friday, December 21, 2012

It's December 21st...the End is Nigh..

It is December 21st. I have my umbrella and still no meteors or solar flairs or sudden shifts in the magnetic poles.  No sudden end and yet there are people who have given away or sold everything and moved to a mountain in France.  

Let's face it folks....people are silly and some are more silly than others.  Mayans?  Nostradamus?  Christopher Columbus?   Isaac Newton? In short the list of those who have pronounced our end are numerous and even a few are not psychics or based on a calendar for a dead civilization.  If you want a list try this one on Wikipedia.  The fact is that some one thinks the Apocalypse is about to happen every couple of years.  There was Y2K in 1999 and Harold Camping just a little over a year ago.  For those of you with your tin foil hats moving to Turkey, another safe haven, ...I hope you didn't give it all away.  For several, it may just be a time for party or  a time for reflection or at least give us the opportunity to giggle a bit.

Here's a thought...wouldn't the Mayans had at least got their own demise right if they were so good a predicting things or maybe even avoided it if they had predicted it?  If they did! talk about fatalists. Of course they could have just been picked up by the gods from outer space...but that is a different rant.

Well if it doesn't end today, there is always psychic Jean Dixon's prediction of 2020-2037 (seems she hedges her bets a bit).