Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Who Elected Grover Norquist?


The Tax Pledge is starting to crumble, maybe. Many a Republican is distancing him or herself from the Pledge and Grover Norquist.  Some have stated that the pledge was made when times were different and it no longer applies. The Tax Pledge was made in the 1990's or late 80's but it seems only recently to have become famous and a true obstruction.  My favorite denouncing of the Pledge was from a congressman who says he no longer represents the district where he signed the Pledge and now represents a new district so the Pledge no longer applies.

And yet,

Grover Norquist is now on TV more than he ever has been.  I'm not talking about just FOX news either. He was on the CBS morning news where he announced Mitt Romney was a "poopy head."  Yes, he actually said "poopy head" on national TV.  Then he went on FOX where he announced that Republicans abandoning the Tax Pledge were "having impure thoughts." So showing concern about the American issue is now immoral.  Next I saw him on Meet the Press where he accused the current administration of a trillion dollar tax hike that does not exist and a senator who said on the same program the only pledge he made that matters is his Oath of Office, was accused of straying from the path and he again accused Republicans of "impure thoughts."  So now the Tax Pledge is moral and basically a religion. He will even appear on MSNBC.

Norquist's final pledge: if Obama forces us over the "fiscal cliff" the Tea Party II will dwarf the original Tea Party.  I would point out that in 2010 during the debt ceiling debate that cost us our credit rating, Norquist advocated to go over that cliff and not raise the ceiling.  It would have been disaster at the time to the recovering economy.

My question is: Who elected this guy?  Grover Norquist deserves no time and his political group which is funded by billionaires who have their own agenda, are not my elected representatives.  Norquist is a lobbyist.  His statements are not cute and clearly demonstrate a man who is arrogant about the power he believes he holds. NO ONE elected him and any one who follows him are now clearly pledging allegiance to a power outside of the Constitution.

I know.  I've argued this before, but this pledge and this lobbyist for the rich who threatens elected officials needs to be completely ignored.  He needs to become the distant howl in the night that fades with the light of day.  Quit giving him press; quit giving him time on the public pulpit.  NO ONE ELECTED HIM.

The New York Times ran an opinion piece this past week called "Is Grover Finally Over?"  I certainly hope so.  The fact is that study after study has shown that lower taxes on the wealthy does not improve employment and does not negatively impact the economy.  In fact the opposite seems to be true.  When you have lower taxes on the middle class and pay them well, the economy does better and the rich become richer because of the growing economy. You see, people who have a little disposable income, spend that income.  Spending creates demand and jobs to meet that demand.  Spending makes money for owners of stores and manufacturing and money makes those owners richer.  Keeping low taxes on the wealthy doesn't do that.

The end of the Tax Pledge, I hope is near.  The end of a lobbyist's power over an entire political party, I hope is near. If we can just get the press to quit giving this "poopy head" time and remind those in congress -  NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, elected this man and his group to represent us.