Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Please Make It Stop...

Who remembers when A&E was this 

                                                                  and this,
before it became this
                                                                  and this?

Okay, I know that I've ranted on this before, but it's getting worse. It is a national crisis. It is epidemic.  It is themed television channels that show programs that have no business being on their station.  The Cartoon Network has live action comedy series which is little better than those bad YouTube videos of people who think they are funny being stupid.  I am still unsure how Walking Dead belongs on AMC which stands for American Movies Classics? The Weather Channel is about to premier another reality series, because there are so few of those already, on prospecting.  I am completely unsure how a Cartoon Network runs out of cartoons and finds it needs something that isn't animated in any way or how digging for rocks relates to the weather.

So now along with alien visitors and pawn brokers on history channels and no music on MTV we are watching the birth of an entire new idea...theme channels completely ignoring their theme?  Well A&E, I would like to remind you that A&E stands for Arts and Entertainment.  Please explain to me how The First 48 is art or entertainment or how Hoarders or Duck Dynasty fits your theme.  I'm sorry, but I just don't get how people can become enamoured with the not overly bright or people suffering from real, horrid mental diseases. Are their own lives really so miserable?  Lest I forget E!, sometimes known as the How Much More Plastic Surgery Can Joan Rivers Have Channel?, which seems to be more about gossip than entertainment news.What's next, grief counseling on the Comedy Network?  Please can we just get this over with and move everything from Honey BooBoo to Intervention and The Kardashians to their own channel: The Jerry Springer Channel.  That way all those of you who follow trash television have a place the rest of us, who still have active gray cells, can ignore.

And while I am at it, I want to mention bugs.  Bugs are those lovely little pop up ads that TV channels scroll onto your television screen during a show.  Originally bugs carried the station logo and were only placed on shows for thirty or so seconds to identify what station you were on.  Now they are action packed advertisements for other shows and take up about a third of the screen.  Hey, USA I am watching White Collar.  I don't need an action ad for Psych during my program.  Get over yourself and advertise your lame shows where they belong on The Jerry Springer Channel.