Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Engage Grey Matter before Posting

And now the much anticipated meme machine...

Okay...let's go over this one more time...most break-ins occur when you are not at home.  If a thief finds this, guess what: you just armed him.  If your people's song is a sawed-off shotgun, who are your people, descendants of  Doc Holiday?  Finally, if this is a sawed off shot gun of under 18 inch in barrel length, congratulations, you are in violation of the law. Putting sights on it does not make it legal. Yes, there are already limits on the Second Amendment. 

There are two things about this meme.  Why would anyone need this gun unless they planned on starting a war or are thinking of starting a live action Call to Duty (both a bad idea, by the way)? And does anyone notice who made the meme? That's right Gunsellerz.  Gee, I wonder why they would want to sell this gun? I don't know guns well, but having played Call to Duty it looks like this gun is slightly more than semi-automatic.  If it is, congratulations it too is illegal. Yes, there are already limits on the Second Amendment.

Wrong. Just plain wrong.  If you don't get why a guy in full military gear with an aimed and loaded weapon sitting on a child's ride in what is obviously a park with little kids around is wrong, please, if you live near me, move, and get a good therapist when you find your new home. I can say nothing else, except measure you for a tinfoil hat and a straight jacket. If ever there was an argument for gun safety laws, you are it. 

Those opposing any form of gun control, these memes are doing you no favors.