Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Okay, so there is a whole host of memes and cartoons that I just don't get.  Take this one, for example. If you were a citizen, veteran, and a taxpayer, what difference does the election make? If you roam around with a hat that says 'fanatic' and carry a semi-automatic pistol muttering and staring at your gun as if it is an appendage or a friend, of course, you have a much deeper problem.
And then there is this meme.  I've never seen anyone actually suspended for finger pistols.  There is one case I can find in Maryland.  Not like it's running rampant. I have heard of students being suspended for gang signs.  As to the other part of this meme, impeach for what? If being a fool is the only requirement, congress has got to go.  By the way, impeachment is the process. If impeachment is successful, then an elected official may be removed from office.  A crime must perceived to have been committed.  For example, Bill Clinton was impeached for lying to congress.  Clinton did lie to the American People about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, but that is not a crime.  Politicians do it all the time.  He didn't actually lie to Congress.  the impeachement failed.  Andrew Johnson was impeached on the basis of violating a law that congress passed the year before. It too failed.  Actually most impeachments or even discussions of one tend to be political.  Imagine that.  The only president, Richard Nixon,  that could've actually been impeached on a real crime resigned before he could be impeached.  So if you have a crime, you might be able to start impeachment.  Not liking someone's politics...not really a reason.  

Next is this one.  Explain it to me, please.  You could write:  I'm a Republican because I believe in smaller government except on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, gay marriage, and religious freedom.
And what does Walmart have to do with this?

Next came this one.  Has anyone actually said this? Thought this? Proven this?  Logic comparisons need to have some basis in reality.  If no one has ever made the comparison, you cannot suddenly pretend that someone actually said something so stupid.  In fact, I am pretty sure that most folks would be in favor of having a real gun safety courses (not those silly online ones).  There are even a few states considering requiring it.  Sorry, stupid is stupid, and this is stupid.

I leave you with this one.  Is it about marijuana? How about banning certain guns? How about banning oversized clips?  How about marriage equality?  I know it's about outlawing the pledge in school (which has actually never happened or was even considered)? No wait, it's about abortion.  No? Having no drinking age? Pick your cause where one group has tried to outlaw something for another.  This meme would even work for prohibition.

For a meme to work, shouldn't it actually have a point?

Ahh memes, so much material, so little time.