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Monday, April 22, 2013

Marathon update

A day after the bombing in Boston I wrote a piece on the stupidity of conspiracy theory types instantly coming up with all kinds of bizarre stories.  Having received some commentary, I thought I should update you on a couple things.

One update involves this picture:

It is according to one news source was investigated by the FBI.  So perhaps we will get a few answers.  It still does not mean that this picture is anymore than a guy on a roof at the wrong time. Leaping to any conclusion is still not a good idea.

Now in the dumb category on the Facebook page Illuminati: Exposed Media this picture appeared:

I will point out a plea from one of the comments not to post this kind of picture because it makes the page look like foolish.  Apparently a number of people cannot tell that this is the same picture with one side zoomed in and then a new news banner added on it.  There are more problems but perhaps the worst is anyone who would use the picture of someone who not only died at Newtown but died trying to stop the intruder is one is one sick individual.  Is that person really so desperate for attention they need to use this person without regard to her family?

When I first saw this picture I wanted to check and see if it had hit Snopes yet and what I found was one theorist in a Sunday best tin foil hat trying to say this story had appeared on Fox News. Now saying it was on Fox and it being on Fox are two different things.  I don't think Fox News would be this dumb, and  I have yet to actually find this report as actually being from them. Hello...can anyone who spread this say the words PHOTO SHOP?

Sadly, it took conspiracy theorist Alex Jones about ninety minutes after the bombing to announce that it was "false flag" operation  to expand government power,  and then he somehow tied it to the drop in the price of gold.  Honestly I don't know how this guy lives with such paranoia unless it is all an act to keep his name in the press...hmmmm.   If you follow Mr. Jones, may I ask where you get your tin foil hats made? They really are quite fetching.  (If you don't know of Mr. Jones he is the guy who had the complete melt down about gun control on Piers Morgan in January click a the first link for a CNN clip or this link for the entire interview on YouTube.)

I am spending no time on the next bit nor am I pasting any links.  Immediately following the death of the first suspect a picture appeared saying it was a picture of the bomber in the morgue.  It isn't. Don't waste your time. 

I also have to yell "Bravo" to  the guy who bought the domain name of The name is not what you think it is.  The site originally said


Well done and well played.