Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Please Don't Let The World's End Be the End

It started in 2004 when Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright wrote Shaun of the Dead.  A dark humored zombie movie Directed by Wright and starring Pegg and buddy Nick Frost.  It is a hilarious romp as do-nothing-with-your-life Shaun(Pegg) and Ed (Frost) try to win back Shaun's girlfriend and simultaneously save the town from the zombie apocalypse.

Then in 2007, came Hot Fuzz.  Again Pegg and Wright along with Frost  take us to a lovely British town that has a dark secret which culminates when, super cop,  Officer Nicholas Angel (Pegg) and his not overly bright partner, P.C. Danny Butterman (Frost) must save the town of Sanford which has the lowest crime rate in England.

And now in 2013, comes the "last" in the trilogy of Wright, Pegg and Frost, The World's End.  In the early 1990's, having graduated from school, five friends attempted a pub crawl of twelve pubs in a single night finishing the epic drink fest, at The World's End pub.  They didn't make it. Twenty years later, Gary King (Pegg) the once leader of the five who has done little with his life except drink, gets the old gang back together to once again try the pub crawl.

Again we have a quiet English town that is more than it appears.  Gary needs to complete this trek he started twenty years before.  Along the route, the five friends, will put to rest the past, struggle with directions of the lives that they now have, and Gary and his "wingman" and once very best friend, Andy Knightly (Frost), must come to terms with the night that broke their friendship.  More than this, though, the five  must not only work towards saving any future they might have, but save the future of all humankind. You might also note the names of King and Knightly as the crawl becomes something of an Arthurian quest for the grail of the last beer at the World's End.

It is a raucous, hilarious, alcohol-fueled romp as Pegg, Frost and company try to make it to the fabled last pub all the while fighting each other and the less-than-human town residents.  Their lives in danger, and they wonder, since they have been drinking, who will drive? The other three of the "five musketeers" are played by Martin Freeman, Eddie Marsan, and Paddy Considine.   It is clever, funny and filled with the unique humor that have become the hallmark of the Wright, Pegg, and Frost movies.  It is supposed to be the conclusion of the "trilogy" and all I can say is,  "Please say it isn't so."  After Shaun, Fuzz and now The World's End, these three must make more.  We need the laughs.