Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 in the world of the trite..

I've been trying to recall if I've used the word irregardless in my writing.  Why? Because it's one of those stupid things that people do.  Putting "ir" in front of regardless does not make you look smarter.  It is non standard and a double negative.  The prefix "ir" and suffix "less" are both negative and thus the are redundant.  It is regardless.

Stupid memes aside we have a language full of stupid sayings.  It's like the picture above; we just don't think about what we're saying or writing.  "Excuse me.  I didn't mean to interrupt." Really,then what did you mean to do? "It goes without saying..." Then why did you say it?  "Think outside the box." What box? Why am I in a box? How did I get in this box? Why didn't you tell me this motivational piece of information earlier? "Upmost" is not the word.  It is "utmost."

"The glass is half full or it is half empty."  As an optimistic realist, I believe the glass to be half full, but I know that eventually it will be empty.  Actually if you think about it, if you drink from a full glass, it becomes half empty; however, if you fill an empty glass, it becomes half full.  "It's all good." Actually if your saying this it isn't. No doubt, we will all continue to do this. I plead guilty, but I will try to do it less oftener.  (An explantation for those of you who have to have humor explained "less oftener" is intentional.)

There is just so much, I cannot possibly cover all these things in a blog unless I want to make one so long, no one would read it.  I suppose if could "give it 110%" but I'm sorry coach and readers, that is mathematically and physically impossible.  "I am what I am" after all.  It's not as if I could learn to do something differently or change. Oh wait...

I've changed my mind about this.  After all "that was then, and this is now." Well what else could it be?  It is always now and a few seconds ago was always then.  So "at the end of the day" it "will be what it will be." Two thoughts here.  I am not clairvoyant and of course it will be. Duh.

Let's try to make an agreement here.  If you have heard some clever statement, it is not new.    It is trite.  It is not going to make you look smart, clever or creative. It's like all those gun, welfare, and political memes on your facebook page.  They are silly, useless, trite and probably inaccurate if not wrong.  This is irregardless of what you think at the end of the day.