Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Much Ado...The Size of It All


An 11 inch sandwich that's suppose to be a foot?  To quote George Takei, "Ohhhhh Myyyyyy!"

I think, perhaps, Subway should be commended.  What we're not fat enough as a nation that we are now worried that our sandwiches are an inch shorter than advertised.  I just cannot fathom why this is news.  I cannot even come up with enough words as to how much this is Much Ado.

What is barely reported is the law suit or should I say suits.  New Jersey and Chicago have now been filed based on a picture from Australia.  That's right the offending 11 inch sandwich picture is from a teen in Austrailia.  Anyways, the Chicago suit is for five million dollars, and the one in New Jersey has not yet disclosed how much in damages are being sought.  Both may become joined though as a class action suit.  Talk about a nuisance suit, if ever there was one, this is it. I am soooo very sorry you lost an inch in bread.  We know that Subway, after all does not proportion the amount of meat or other items that would go on the sandwiches they make.  That would just make too much since to think a billion dollar chain would be careful enough to do this... Oh wait.  They do know how much goes on a sandwich?  Of course they do.  That's how they make money! We are not talking ingredients; we are talking bread, folks...BREAD.

We as a nation have far too many of these silly suits and what is the primary report, a viral picture from Austrailia.  There is an old joke -- not a very good one -- that goes-

A Japanese pilot for a Japanese airline becomes suicidal.  Unfortunately, he decides to do this tragic act while flying and so flies the plane into the ocean.  Following the revelation, the company sends condolences to all the families who lost loved ones and settle claims with all, but two who file lawsuits.  Must be Americans is the punchline.  I know not funny.  But in a dark humor sort of way it outlines the idea that we have something of a reputation in this country for suing.  I mean, we've had suits over how hot the coffee was at McDonalds.

I still recall the add of the "Strongarm" attorney arriving at an accident via helicopter with an ambulance in the background, and some attorneys really try to avoid the idea of them being ambulance chasers.  Is it any wonder the US has the most number of lawyers per capita in the world?  We have one lawyer for every 265 Americans.  The largest number of lawyers, by the way, are in Washington D.C. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

What aspect of this story are we worried about? Eleven inches of bread instead of twelve.  Much Ado...Much Ado...