Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Much Ado ... Where Are the Women? (part 3)


So what's wrong with the picture above? According to the New York Times this is President Obama and his advisors.  They are all men and most of them are white.  Unless you see the leg behind the guy in the in the middle.  That's the leg of the only woman in the meeting fo this particular group.  Yet to one degree of another, those on the far left are truly upset by this picture because they see Obama as betraying the trust of women and minorities by surrounding himself with powerful, primarily white men.  We will leave the fact that the most powerful person in the room is a person of color to the side.  His top cabinet posts have so far gone to white men.  Yet to hear the pundits on the left, this picture ignores his promise.  One even asked him the question about the "lack of diversity" at a recent press conference.

Obama's response was half his staff were women and his two appointments to the supreme court were women.  His top advisor on foreign affairs was a woman. Quite simply it is a bit too early to be making such judgements.  You see this picture is not the only one taken of the President and his advisors, but it doesn't make quite as good of press if it looked like...oh this...


Any one else seeing yet once more Much Ado...