Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Symbolism: Operation Horribly Muddled.

This pic came from a Republican friend a while back, and I've been pondering it off and on since then.  Maybe there was a caption that went with it, but that didn't show up.  We have Lady Liberty? Justice? Democracy? fighting a bunch of skeletons.  On one shield the word Marxism is written, and I think on the other shield is says Satanism.

Marxism is more or less a dead issue.  I guess it is a reference to the fight against communism.  There are actually only 5 communist states left on the planet: China, Cuba, Laos,Vietnam, and (defacto) North Korea. It may be a reference to the so called liberal agenda but if the current stock market is any indication, they are the worst socialist's ever.

The Satanist shield is an interesting juxtapositioning especially if you consider one of the tenets of Marxist theory is also that of atheism because religion is a control of the masses.  I really am unsure what the worship of Satan has to do with a loss of liberty since, like it or not, we have a freedom of all religions not just one.

It could be I suppose that wonderful form of propaganda known as fear mongering which looks really interesting until we break it down and realize that it really doesn't work very well.  So I guess, I need someone that can explain this to me because the symbolism is clearly lost on me or maybe not...

(Updated note: Another freind just told me he thinks the other shield says Stalinism which makes more of a redundant sort of sense. So my other though is if you cannot read the symbol does that make the picture more or less successful.  He also noted that the lady whatever looks like Stallone, an interesting obervation.)