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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Odds are Odd


If you are buying a lottery ticket today good luck.  I may buy one for fun.

The odds are 1 in 176,000,000 that you'll win and the odds are much better, because of the number of players, that you will split the jack pot with someone.  I admit there is some fun in playing but if it really is your financial strategy, you need to fire yourself as your adviser and hire someone else, say someone like your Uncle Silas who thought investing in the koi business was a good idea.

Just know that the odds are better that you would become President (1 in 10,000,000) than winning.  You actually have a better chance of dying by vending machine (1 in 112,000,000) than winning. Also keep an eye on the sky because if the odds are in your favor then you are also more likely to die by being struck by lightening (1 in 2,320,000).  I have to be careful because I am left-handed.  The odds of dying from being left-handed is 1 in 4,400,000.

You also have better odds of winning an Oscar (1 in 11,500) or becoming canonized (1 in 20,000,000).  Your odds of dating a super model are 1 in 88,000. Your Odds of winning an Olympic medal: 1 in 662,000. Oh and there is still a 40 percent chance that there will be no winner.

In fact about the only things that are greater than odds than winning the lottery is being killed by a shark (1 in 300,000,000) and having your house struck by a meteor (1 in 182,138,880,000,000).

But the anticipation is fun and as they say if you don't play, you cannot win. Please be careful driving to buy that ticket because the odds of dying in a car accident is 1 in 6,700. If you win, though please consider that you may not have time to spend the money.  The Mayans say so.

Good luck.

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