Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Secession: When Democracy Fails...We Quit


Okay, every state in the union has an internet petition going to secede from the Union.  A group tried that, as I recall following the election of another president that some didn't like.  It didn't work so well then.  Besides the terror and death and destruction, the Civil War caused let's actually look at what a modern secession would bring if the states were allowed to do this..

  1. The immediate revocation of passports.
  2. The immediate loss of all US Postal delivery
  3. The immediate loss of all Federal Law Enforcement, including the FBI, DEA, and Immigration and Border  Patrol.
  4. The immediate loss of all military bases.
  5. The immediate withdrawal of all Federal contracts.
  6. The immediate loss of all Federal funding for infrastructure.
  7. Declaration of off shore oil rigs as belonging the the Federal Government
  8. Loss of all programs such as welfare, medicare, medicaid, social security, and veteran benefits.  Social Security and Veterans benefits may be restored if Congress determines that foreign nationals can receive such benefits.
  9. With drawl of Federal prisons, leaving the question as to what to do with anyone being held in these facilities.
  10. Immediate demand for payment of each state's share of the national debt.
  11. Immediate raise in tariffs  for  foreign products being sent into the United States.
  12. Conditional treaty for the passage of materials and fly zones for the United States to join with no seceded  states. 
  13. Loss of all support for air ports and air traffic control.
  14. With drawl of all protection of shipping lanes for any ship not flying an American flag.
  15. Immediate payment of all college loans.
  16. Loss of additional support to university, colleges and public schools such as food programs and othe support.
And these are just a few of the things for which suddenly state governments would be responsible.  Those states such as Colorado which are landlocked would even have more severe problems because virtually everything would now be imported.  The loss of the states on the other had, would leave those states still in the union in a stronger financial level since they would be paying for much less and most that would stay carry the bulk of manufacturing and technology in the US.    To say that secession is anything more than a bunch of disgruntled, sore losers trying to take their toys and go home is laughable.  I would also remind those of you that see these online petitions are far from accurate in who signed the petition and how many times they signed it.  I can create a number of email accounts and sign a bunch of times.  

Which brings me to sensationalism by the entertainment press.  Scare tactics have gone far enough.  It's bad enough that the Democrats and Republicans both do it, but now the press is in on the fun.  Let's take for example the largest number of signatures on one of these petitions, Texas.  The press loves saying that the petition has over 100,000 signatures.  That's a lot.  It is soooooo many people.  It's a minority by a lot too.

There are 25,674,681 in 2011 according to the US Census Bureau.  The Texas petition then at 100,000 is .3 per cent of the population of Texas.  Three tenths of one percent is hardly worth the press it has received. Now if it were Wyoming, that would be many people, about 17.6 percent. But in truth the signatures are 8,883 signatures or about 1.5 percent of the population.  In all honesty, all the signatures together probably wouldn't make a city large enough to win a populace vote against New York City or for that matter Denver. In total 675,000 people had signed nation-wide according to The Daily Caller.  That's two tenths of one percent of the US nation wide.  Can you say that secession is sensationalized.  I suppose they could band together as the new Confederacy, but they actually don't even have enough signatures to be given their own state.

Face the facts, folks.  The press is sensationalizing the story.  States couldn't afford to peacefully secede and survive. Online petitions are far from accurate in recording signatures. And finally we now know how many wackadoodles it takes to make a news story.  I'm sorry your vote doesn't count more than mine.  I'm sorry your candidate lost or the guy you've been told is going to destroy the US won, which ever you're more afraid of.  I'm sorry you apparently have no respect for the process that is Democracy.