Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's get over it.

The image above -this is us; this is who we are.  It is not the rant that followsl

For the past several weeks, I've watched as meme after meme and patently false statements and those living in fear have posted those fears. It is time to quit living in fear and get a grip.

Obama won.  The world will not end.  He is not the Antichrist. He is as John McCain put it, "He's a decent family man [and] citizen..." He is a Christian.

Those of you who put up the meme about putting God back into the White House are not only being offensive in spreading the untruth about Muslims, which Obama is not, you are falling for the worst kind of hidden racism and if you are a true believer in the Constitution, then you know that we have a very clear vision by our founding fathers about the separation of church and state.  It is because of this that we have religious freedom, something that was sought by the Pilgrim settlers.  Get your beliefs straight. Let me state this one more time - Obama is a Citizen and he is not a Muslim and even if he were, being a Muslim is not a bad thing and is protected by the US Constitution!


Those of you who have the put the White in the White House. Really?  Did you make a wrong turn and miss your Klan rally? And those of you who use racial slurs, how sad your life must be.

As for those of you who posted the pictures of Obama without his hand over his heart or over the wrong side.

How can you buy that? The no pledge photo was taken but it is not during the Pledge. Just cause it is in an email does not make it true.  The wrong hand?  Please look at the marine in the background at the right. I know it's out of focus. Do you see his service ribbons on the LEFT side of his uniform?  Would a marine get the placement of ribbons wrong?  The photo is flipped.  Come on people, you own a computer.  DO SOME RESEARCH!

Now about them guns.

This mailer was sent out by the NRA and every fact check organization on the planet has rated it not just false but an out and out lie.  Remember if gun control goes away, then so does the base of one of Washington's most powerful lobbies and you have now played into it. Obama has signed one law on gun control and it expanded rights.  He has stated that we don't need AK47s on the streets.  Do you honestly disagree with this statement?  In fact on the one gun question about control during the debates, experts rated both Romney's and Obama's statements as attempts to avoid the question and a fail. Get real folks.  No one is coming for your guns, except maybe someone who wants to steal them and sell them on the streets now that they know you have them.

Those of you who are posting the Welfare memes...

Most of us who have been looking at these since Reagan's welfare queen statements know exactly what this is.  It is a racist statement that implies people want to be on welfare.  They don't want to be on welfare and there are plenty of folks on welfare who are not people of color. I don't know how much you think a helping hand costs or how much these folks get, but they are still well below the poverty level and many work at very menial, low paying jobs.  Have you no compassion?  One person last night actually announced the only social program she supported was Medicaid as she bemoaned Romney's loss.  As I've posted and has been made very clear by many a Republican, one of the first cuts they want to make is Medicaid.  PAY ATTENTION.

Please quit telling me things that are not true as well.  One person announced that we will now have 15% unemployment this summer.  And this figure came from where????  If that happens it will be in large part because CONGRESS failed to do what it needed to do to stop the "fiscal cliff."  Obama did not create and demand that we have sequester and then use his dictatorial power to make sequester.  CONGRESS agreed to this and that includes the Republican controlled house.

For those of you who posted opinion pieces from Rupert Murdoch's Washington Post.  Murdoch owns Fox news and guess what? Like MSNBC, they too are very biased.  An opinion piece in a conservative paper is not a good source. And posting from the Blaze, Glen Beck's personal mouth piece...really?

Come on people, you own a computer and obviously have access to the internet.  Go to a few sites that actually try to be nonpartisan.  Bloggers, like myself, are at best secondary sources and at worst, biased using bad information from bad and biased sources.  Former students of mine, you know better.  Get real and engage that grey matter a bit.

There are some memes out there that I cannot bring myself to post here.  They are just too despicable to even merit one more person giving them credence. I am tired of wackadoodle posts done without thought on the left and the right.

So Obama won and Romney lost.  If Romney had won and Obama lost, the world would not end either.

 It is time for you to delete these posts from your pages and heal.  Our country moves ahead when we look at each other. Civil discourse is an important process, but all presidents are our President not the president of the Republicans or Democrats, but the President of the UNITED States.  Do you know how many nations wish they could do what we just did?

We have two things to do.  Heal our great nation and restore Hope to our futures.  Your petty attacks will do neither.