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Friday, November 16, 2012

Never Argue with a Crazy Person...


There are a number of folks who have  become paranoid.  My little ole Facebook account is inundated by everything from they are coming to get our guns, to the socialists are the same as Democrats, to the anti science Republicans to the secession petitions (perhaps another blog) to on and on and on.  Another friend announced he has reached his limit with yet another over pumped Washington scandal:  Benghazigate or my favorite new announced scandal, which one pundit entitled Spyfall.

The ambassador to the United Nations, often called the top ambassador, Susan Rice was given talking points by the CIA.  She went on Sunday talk shows and maintained what she had been told at the time which was really not the far away from the attack.  She maintained that the attack appeared to be inspired by that film and there was a protest.  She also said it was still too early to to have a "definitive conclusion" and it was "the best information we had to date." That was the extent of her knowledge and involvement.  Enter politics, stage Right.  It was after all a political season and a presidential race was on.  Following his briefing though, even Romney, who had made a terrible error on the night of the Benghazi attack, decided, to his credit, it was best to step back while security oversight in congress investigated.  That didn't stop the chair of the committee from releasing uncleared testimony nor John McCain who seems to be determined to turn this into a scandal.

Enter election stage Left.   America's number one spy, David Petraeus a retired, married,  four star general, tenders his resignation for an affair with a married woman.  Immediately a conspiracy theory makes appearance.  The affair was revealed to force Petraeus to resign and prevent him from testifying about Benghazi because everyone knows that four star generals are easy to push around and the administration was covering up Benghazi events during the election to prevent the American people from learning that a group of armed people attacked an embassy and killed four people...but wait...we knew all that.  It doesn't really matter if he continues as CIA chief or not.  Congress can subpoena any one.  It is one of their powers.  I could also add that Petraeus is also a Republican but he is still going to resign to take one for the Democrats?

So what we have here is that for  one or two weeks, we were told an attack may have been inspired by a riot over a bad film trailer. Oh my, what a terrible thing! We were given information that was based on what might be true. Then we learned  it was actually a cover for an Al Qaeda inspired group which we knew shortly afterward that lives in a part of Libya not  under the control of the new found government.  Petraeus will by the way testify before Congress. He volunteered. Exit conspiracy upstage.

Re-enter Spyfall stage Right.  Apparently, Patraeus is being railroaded to keep everyone from knowing about how badly something happened or is being done or to cove up some mistake or - not really sure what - but it's apparently enough to have him thrown under the bus.  One of the Facebook folks announced it was being done by them or the military, although I am still not really sure how forcing a retired general helps cover up something in the military.  He was quite emphatic in very explicit language.  Never argue with a crazy person or a zealot.

Why did Petraeus resign?  According to CNN and now backed up by other sources that to keep a secret of this nature could put an agent at risk of having his indiscretions used against him.  Add to this that all who know the general say he is a man of honor who takes responsibility for his mistakes and also some one who holds himself to the same standards as he would any person under his supervision, Petraeus took what he considered his best course of action: publicly take responsibility, take control of that mistake, and take an honorable course.  He resigned.

The whole thing is starting to look like a bad episode of a reality show or an episode of Days of Our Lives.  There is now another general involved, two women, twins, a mysterious whistle blower from the FBI that has no real relation to the case  and who revealed the investigation to Representative Eric Cantor (R), who did the right thing and notified the  FBI chief that he had a leak, and apparently twins are also somehow involved.  All we need now is someone who we thought was dead to be discovered in a coma who suddenly becomes conscious.

The investigation was a threatening email, which doesn't seem all that threatening and is a crime given who all was involved.  The only leak is the FBI agent who was sticking his nose where it didn't belong and it was determined pretty early on that the FBI believed no national security had been breached at that point, making this your basic criminal investigation.  I know those of you who are sure of the conspiracy may not believe me, but the Executive branch is not informed of every criminal investigation done by the FBI.  Still, you must be right because never argue with a crazy person or a zealot. This conspiracy moves to an upstage left not quite ready to exit...

Enter politics stage Right in the person of John McCain and Lindsey Graham who both will use their power to keep Susan Rice from becoming Secretary of State which she hasn't been nominated for.  McCain characterized her as not terribly bright and announced she was either lying to the American people or covering up Benghazi which she had nothing to do with. This from the man who supported the idea that WMD's were in Iraq and supported Condoleeza Rice who announced that not only  Iraq had WMDs but also nuclear weapons.  This from a man who picked Sarah Palin to be one heart  beat away from the presidency who announced her insight into foreign affairs was because she could "see Russia from her house" and didn't know the UK was a democracy lead by a Prime Minister and not the Queen.

Enter politics stage Left, one unhappy president who tells Graham and McCain that attacking Susan Rice was because she is "an easy target"   is just wrong and if they want to come after someone it should be him.  Doesn't really sound like he's too worried about a conspiracy being discovered.

Graham then announces that Obama has "failed as Commander-In-Chief."  McCain goes on TV and announces that they need more information and they will get to the bottom of this.  He makes this announcement of fact finding as he misses a closed door security hearing where some of the questions will be answered.  There are no cameras though in a closed door meeting.  The Commander-In-Chief was re-elected.  They also seem to have conveniently forgotten that Republicans voted to reduce funding for embassy security and that consulates, which is actually what is in Benghazi, do not receive Marine protection.  Graham and McCain have made charges without a single shred of evidence.  This conspiracy now stands at stage center.  It all sounds political.  Senators, you may be right after all because  I know better than to argue with a crazy person or a zealot.

Ahh paranoia and conspiracy...hand in hand...happily making invisible footprints on the beach.  I for one prefer to see evidence.  But without conspiracies, what would Dan Brown write about.  I know it's silly and maybe a little crazy to actually look to the facts or even to wait for them, but you know something:

 Never Argue with a Crazy Person.