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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gun Control and Tin Foil Hats.

Just about every time I think I need to shut off the feed on my Facebook page, someone gives me something else to write about.  As I said in an earlier post, some of my friends had not presented their bizarre beliefs, yet.  But with the passing of the election, and the loss of Mitt Romney,  more than a few have presented the  beliefs they have been fed.

The most recent of these are the ones who are scared that there is secret Democrat conspiracy to take away their guns and repeal the second amendment.  Even if there was a move to ban certain guns or over-sized clips, I doubt that any of these guys own the guns likely to be controlled.

I hate to harp on a previous point, but the emails and ads put out by the NRA are quite simply not true.  Do a little fact checking.  Obama has never limited guns or said that he would even after the movie theater shooting.  He has expanded the right to carry in National Forests which is hardly a restrictive idea.

But the tin foil hat crowd are not to be dissuaded by a few facts.  Let me put this into context.  One discussion appearing on my time line went like this.  First they shared an article from some "newspaper" that won't even show up when I Googled it to see if it had any particular political leaning.  I think it boils down to an online  newspaper that is in New Hampshire that reports on business.  I'm not really sure why a stock market paper would put up an article on gun control in California. What was truly interesting was at the  the article.s reporter.  That name was clickable and his website did show up on Google.  It appeared predominantly on a conspiracy theory site.  The site actually has conspiracy in its name.  In other words, this guy is probably not too far removed from the guy who is sitting in his home where he hoards old newspapers, lines the walls with tin and sits quietly in the middle of the room in his only chair with his Smith and Wesson sitting on his lap while he reshapes one of his many tin foil hats.

The article went like this Diane Feinstein,  a Democrat Senator from California, had a secret meeting after the election where an unidentified source said that now she had won, that she could openly reveal her secret gun ban agenda.  Think about this she had a secret meeting to talk about how she could have a public discussion on gun banning.

Senator Feinstein is a long time gun control advocate. Her beliefs are anything but secret.  She did not hide this in her election either having been attacked for her views by famous conservative and former rocker Ted Nugent in late July.  She does indeed intend to re-introduce the assault rifle ban to the Senate.  It has been done before and even if the Senate passed it which is in itself as likely as being attacked by a polar bear in Arizaona, it would most likely not get past the Republican house.  It is a non-starter for the most part.  A number of Senators have even stated that the gun control battle is a lost cause.  They bring it up, but the gun control group continues to shrink in Congress.  The only likely discussion is to be one not about weapons but banning over-sized clips. Which is still likely to fail in the House.


During this conversation, one of the two announced that he wouldn't believe it if it weren't for all the executive orders.  Let me be as clear as I can.  A President's power does not exceed the limitations placed on him by the Constitution.  In other words he could issue all the executive orders he likes but if they violate the Constitution on say the second amendment, a court would spend about 30 seconds before putting a stop to it.  So I looked up this raft of executive orders...and other than a few very extreme sites like Beck's the Blaze, there has been not one executive order from the President involving guns.  NOT ONE.  If there is one, someone please point it out to me from a reputable sight.  In fact following the shooting of Gabby Gifford, Obama stated that we must be careful not to react and jump for too simple of explanation for the shooting.  In short, controlling guns would probably not stop the act.

I reiterate: NO ONE is COMING for YOUR GUNS!

In fact it's likely that you've been targeted.  I love the saying the gun control isn't about guns; it's about control. Well in this case it is about control.  Controlling gun owners into believing that the evil government is out there about to take their guns.  The fact is that many of the national gun control laws expired and there was little attempt to renew them when they did.  It was not politically prudent to do so.

Why tell folks that there is a secret Democrat plot to repeal the second amendment? The answer is two-fold. They are Money and Power.  If there is no threat to losing your guns, then the NRA, one of the largest and most powerful Washington lobbies, loses power.  Its kind of like if the Abortion issue went away, the Republicans would lose a big part of their base.  Secondly, if there is no need to protect guns, then there is no need to continue to pay NRA dues and money goes down until the NRA turns into the hunting organization offering hunter safety courses it once was.  So the NRA has to scare its membership into believing that they are going to lose guns and this gets the tin foil hat crowd on their side because they love a secret government conspiracy.  Its the same reason the Mitt Romney and company announced Jeep was moving to China from Ohio in the closing weeks of the campaign.  A pure act of desperation to scare people into voting Republican and overcome his OpEd piece on "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt."

Which brings us back to the very secret agenda of very public gun control activist Senator Diane Feinstein.  Use a little common sense folks.  A well-known anti-gun activist is not likely to have a secret meeting about a secret agenda that is told to us by an unknown secret stool pigeon. Senator Feinstien has been anything but secretive about her gun control agenda. YOU ARE BEING USED by a conservative lobby with a conservative agenda in an election year.  Do you get why they might want to start such a rumor if not out right lie?

REALITY CHECK time.  If you fail's your shiny, brand new, tin foil hat.