Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Presidential Run from Canada?

Here's one for Birthers.  Ted Cruz the Republican Freshman Senator from Texas is a Tea Party favorite.  He has been called already the most hated man in the Senate and is actually proud of comparisons made between him and Senator Joe McCarthy.

You may remember McCarthy from your history class as the Senator who went on a modern day witch hunt with his Committee on UnAmerican Activities as he accused without any proof person after person  of being a Communist and played on the Red Stain and fears of Communist Pinkos. By the way, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but even Communism and Socialism are protected by the Constitution.  Not saying I agree with either philosophy, just saying that whole freedom thing gets in the way.  But I digress...

Ted Cruz has spread some pretty stunning rumors during his first few months in the Senate.  He stated that Chuck Hagel received money from the North Korea and that there were at least 12 communist professors at Harvard Law when he was a student there.  He has played the ideological Republican purist card.  It has endeared him to the far Right conservative movement and created problems for the Republican establishment.  He has even received a rebuke from John McCain who called him a "wackobird." In other words, rumor is he is planning on a possible run for president.

So why might this be interesting for the Birthers who swear that their attacks on Obama have no basis in racism? It is because Cruz was not born in this country. His father is an immigrant citizen and his mother an American.  Sound at all familiar?  Cruz's parents who worked in the oil industry, were in Canada when he was born.  He was not born on an America military base as was John McCain, but born in Canada.  When asked about this, Cruz has responded that he would let others sort that out. So here is my question Birthers:  Will you attack and go after Cruz with the same vehemence as you have Obama?  If not, then maybe you need to question your real reasons for doubting Obama's birth place. There is no question, by the way, Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada. 

I am only asking this of Birthers.  Ted Cruz is, I think, a "natural born citizen" despite being born outside the country, although there is debate among scholars about what is meant by "natural born" in the Constitution. If, however, Birthers do not hold Cruz to the same standard they have held Obama, it is going to be quite clear that Birthers are driven by something other than legality of Obama's birth.