Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hello. I'm Trite and You Are?

If I hear, the devil's in the detail one more time...

From the left to right, politicians, pundits, and news reporters seem to all have the same phrasebook.  It doesn't seem to matter what they are discussing.  They are discussing immigration. The problems they face are of course with "the devil's in the details." They are discussing background checks, and the problem is that "the devil's in the details."  Is it any wonder that no one has a good solution on a political show.  They have zero clue what the details are.

Speaker Boehner announces that the President "Just doesn't get it." He does this on a seemingly daily basis.  The problem is, we all do get it.  That you, Mr. Speaker, don't get is that just because your political philosophy isn't something that the President actually does get.  He chooses to see things differently.  You, Mr. Speaker, don't get it do you or do you think we are really that dense?  I know it riles the base and keeps the extremes on your side, but at some point you have to realize the extreme base is costing you more centrist votes.

"Let me be clear,"  is an oldie but goody.  No thank you.  I already see through your slant.  I don't need you be less visible.  We all know you want to actually make it as murky as possible.  You are already two dimensional.  Just turn sideways.

The issue is "unprecedented." That is until you look it up and see all the other times this issue was "unprecedented." Come on folks, do your research. Benghazi is not new.  Gun control is not new. Border protection is not new. Immigration is not new.  The debt ceiling is not new.  Small government vs. big government is not new.  Gerrymandering is not new. Isn't there something about those who fail to study history...  "Unprecedented"? Really?

"People will vote their conscience."  While this is a nice thought, then how can we have single issue voters or folks who "vote the party line"? If it were true, gerrymandering would not work.  A bunch of politicians and pundits on the left and right hope this statement isn't true.

"We must look to the future."  Try looking to the now.  We cannot know what will happen in the future.  I read once that the only persons more inaccurate than psychics are futurists.  If we solve problems now, then we are "looking to the future."

How about "we will put children first" or "this is our children's future" or "we will leave no children behind."  Lip service is the worst of all catch phrases.  If this were true, we would make sure every child had the best education and not cut money for things like head start or class size or any education funding.  College would be free.  We would protect our young instead of worrying about our NRA rating. We would have safe shelters in every school.  We would hold everyone accountable for a child's education, protection, and care.  We would have zero malnutrition.  You don't care about children unless it suits your purposes.

Sorry for this rant, but I just wish they would come up with something new.  I am tired of the current crop of phrases.  What ones are you tired of?