Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why Cats? The World of Social Media

Facebook and other social media are wondrous things. I am always amazed that we refer to these items as social media since there is a certain amount of irony in doing something social while sitting alone at a computer. Still, I like many others check my Facebook page and love the finding of old friends. I like many people love finding silly and entertaining memes and videos as well as following real time news during events such as the Boston bombings.  Okay, I admit it.  I am an FB junky.

Have you ever wondered what your actions, statements and status say about you? I know it's wrong to put folks into groups, but hey, it's what humans do.  If you don't like my groups, start your own blog or add them to the comments section. (I think this would be a good place for a passive/aggressive emoticon.)

If you want to know many a teenage girl give her a camera. Pictures will fill her Facebook page. They will be about her boyfriend, her new hairdo or just of her. If you want to know about many a teenage boy, pretty much the same thing will happen but in a much more “manly” fashion. Both will post song lyrics, poetry, and odd bits of philosophy. They will let you know especially when they are bored or depressed. Occasionally a boyfriend and girlfriend will set up a page together.  (A bit of advice on this idea.  Don't.  We all know who will run the page.)

Among the teenage group there will be at least one philosopher and one politician. They will both most likely think they are knowledgeable and smart despite their lack of background and experience. (passive/aggressive emoticon here)

If you want to know a new parent, his or her status is updated by the actions of the child, and the cover photo is seldom a picture of the parent.  It will become the eventual record with which many parents will use to embarrass the child when he or she comes of dating age. Grandparents have a slightly different cover photo.

If you want to know a college student, their pictures are more mature than they were in high school, but now they include parties and their status include occasional (or not so occasional) swearing because cussing makes you sound grown up. (High schoolers do this too.) The media has convinced them that this is how people talk. It is unfortunate that so many will continue to believe this to be true.  They will also occasionally wax philosophic and poetic.

There are also those folks who post things as if they are continuing a conversation. They are, but no one knows who they were talking to or what the conversation was about. Randomness is a mysterious thing. The middle of the conversation group have nothing on those who post things that make no sense. If they are relatively famous, though, people will pretend to get it.

There also folks who post nothing but memes and You Tube links. I don't know if they are trying to save stuff they find funny or are just too bored post anything else or are trying to entertain the rest of us. What is the fascination with cute fuzzy animals and labeling them with the most ludicrous statements?

There are the fools and the haters. Fools post every statement as if were fact. Haters are fools.

There are pages of groups, causes, and belief systems. There are those with their own agenda and some looking for an agenda. There are those who cannot accept anyone who does not believe what they believe.  There are fan pages and pages for seemingly no reason.  

If you want to know an egoist, they will have pictures of themselves while praising others. Some how, though the praise and accomplishments will somehow become about them.

If you want to know the celebrity or politician you cannot; their page is run by someone else most of the time.

If you want to know…a teacher, they will create pages for their classes and events, and revel in finding and friending students from years past and present. They will guffaw at the foolishness and thrill at the additions of new loves and new events.

Oddly, we all belong to some of these groups, although I hope not too many are Haters.

We will all will remember.