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Friday, May 24, 2013

Please Pick a Poison

The Department of Justice actively monitored 3 Fox News staffers - this included reading personal emails! LIKE if you agree Obama’s thugs are out of control!!

And this week's Facebook meme is this lovely thing.  We will ignore the crosshairs and that it's Fox News.  What is particularly interesting is the caption that comes with it.  It is true that it is has come out that other agency's besides the AP were caught have had records subpoenaed, but it was not in relation to the AP sweep.  There were other accounts looked at by the Justice Department in relation to Fox reporter, James Rosen.  The story may be found here. This investigation goes back to 2009 and Rosen may also face charges, but given what he reported, it is probably doubtful.  I know there are a number of stories from Fox, but they are more or less reporting on a story of which  they would hardly be fair judges. All that aside, the emails were obtained by lawful subpoena by the DOJ.  If you don't like the use of these subpoena, I suggest you talk to your congressman, because congress expanded the power of the DOJ following 9/11.  The same is true for the AP scandal, by the way. It's called the Patriot Act.

Anywho, the inaccuracy of the meme is not what caught my eye.  It was the "Obama thugs" in the caption that caught my notice.  Let's not let the facts about the separation of investigation by DOJ and the Whitehouse get in the way in this case since the DOJ was instructed by Congress to plug leaks too.  I've seen the thug thing before.  I just wish one of these groups would pick one idea.  He's a socialist.  With the rise of the stock market and the free market, Obama is the worst socialist ever.  He's arrogant.  Obviously this is true since he refuses to bend to the will of the House.  He is weak.  True since no one will let any of his agenda actually come up for a vote, no matter how much good it will do.  He and his friends are Chicago thugs. He is a tyrant.  Weak, tyrant or thug? Pick one please.  Maybe we just need a meme that goes Obama is a weak, thuggish, arrogant, tyrannical, socialist. Oh shoot...

I forgot foreigner and Muslim.