Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Meme of Proportions

This is one of those memes that has some very iffy or vague statistics.  I can find no such research that shows this to be true.  Why? Because, first it doesn't tell us what kind of murders or how those murders were measured.  Are they the number of murders that actually occur or are they the number of murders ranked by populace or are they the number of murders compared to other places? You see the problem.  

Then there is the problem of definition. How many of these murders were actually caused by guns? Do you remember the meme about knives and baseball bats are more often weapons in murders? You cannot have it both ways.  Use murders as if they are only done by guns and then complain that cars kill more people.  

There are two other issues.  While Chicago for example does, indeed, have strict gun laws, just outside of Chicago, the state of Illinois and surrounding states have weak ones.  Guns are easy to get by just going as little as ten miles outside the city.  Then there is also the issue of one of the cities that has possibly the strictest laws in the nation, New York City is in the top 20 for the lowest crime rates per capita in the nation.  So which of these cities is the outlier? 

Making up statistic is easy.  Vague is Vague.  If the persons who created this meme could at least document this some how, and explain how other cities with strict gun laws have a low crime or even low murder rates differ then I would be okay with it.