Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Bias is Bias even if Logical

I honestly have no statistics that prove or disprove this.  And that is the problem.  I cannot find these stats on any website other than antigun control sites and not one of them offer me a link as to where they came from.  The only argument that I've seen is the well worn one about gun control and Adolf Hitler.  The only problem is that Hitler only controlled the guns of those he conquered and unfortunately he considered the Jews a conquered people.  

There is a logic to it that great dictators often disarm their people to maintain control, but it also ignores that there are plenty of gun controlled nations that haven't had genocides.  England has strict gun laws as does Austrailia, Japan, China and a host of other nations. So the meme ignores the other side of the problem. 

The only other problem is the "if the UN is able to disarm the world as they plan" statement. There is no such document before the UN.  The creator of the meme would be far better off to drop the paranoia about what is generally one of the most ineffectual organizations in the world. Just look what it took get Syria in trouble for using chemical weapons.  The UN doesn't have a standing army to disarm even if they wanted to and the disarmament by dictators who have an army, tend to disarm their own nation.  So what nation would the UN use its awesome power to disarm exactly? 

There is initial logic here, but the argument is weak and  paranoid.

These memes don't serve to solve problems, but divide further. By posting it, noone is offering a solution, just more rhetoric.