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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's Politics; Don't Fall for It

Okay, I am asking you to use your grey cells.  I've been seeing a number of stories that have zero ... ZERO ... 00000000 do with the shutdown.

The veterans who broke the barricade.  Good for them! Boo to the Republican representatives who voted to close that monument and then went running down there to use those veterans as political props.  The extreme right have already used the shutdown to raise funds.  Their fundraising during this crisis is at an all time high for this period.  Still think they have the country's best interest at heart?

Twitter accounts are closed.  "But twitter is free.  How dumb do they think we are?" say a few commenters on the announcement Michelle Obama's twitter will be limited in posts. Apparently, you're pretty dumb.  Twitter is free.  The people that run those accounts aren't.  All government accounts, Facebook, Twitter, be they POTUS, FLOTUS and  Congress are run by government employees who manage not one but several pages. Do you honestly believe that George Takei runs his Facebook page? Funny how he can be at personal appearance events and post all those things.  Almost every major Public Person and Celebrity Twitter account and Facebook page is a managed page. Yes the person whose name is on the page can and does post, but they don't manage, nor do they post that often. So the limiting of government pages are because only the person whose name is on the page will be posting, not the managers, who have been furloughed, that usually do the posting.   The twitter post about shutting down was on every...EVERY....government page.

Fan of the Congressman who has asked his paycheck be stopped during the shutdown.  Oh my, what an imposition.  Once the shutdown is over he/she will get all his/her pay including back pay. It is a Constitutional requirement.  I cannot say the same for the 800,000 Federal employees who have been furloughed. To get their back pay, Congress will have to approve it.  Given the way the House loves cutting funds, while during the last shutdowns it was a given that it would be approved, that is no longer the case.  The only Congressmen who impress me are the ones who are donating their pay to a charity or back to the government.  The rest of them are playing politics with you.

UPDATE: Here is a list of who is doing what with their pay.  Thanks to Brian for finding this.

It is all about optics.  Truth is truth. Engage brain.