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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Stop the Hate

This is one of two memes like this I've seen which came out during the shutdown.  The other uses such foul language, I wouldn't venerate by posting it.

Where do we begin?  Days before the shutdown, the National Parks Service posted a warning that it would be forced to close. Every congressman knew this.  EVERY ONE had access to this information.  It was very clear. 

The lead to defund Obamacare was Republican Senator Ted Cruz.  You can find a boatload of speeches where he said this and his advocating to use "any means" including the shutdown and the debt ceiling as tools. There are numerous articles about it. 

I repeat, EVERY Congress person had access to this information.  So when the vote came led by House Republicans and Ted Cruz who had numerous, documented "secret" meetings with those house members, the Parks Service closed everything including the WWII Memorial.  Obama had nothing to do with it, it was part of the shutdown.

So who went to the memorial for Photo Ops with the Vets? 
Representative Michelle Bauchmann  (R)
Yep- the very same Republicans who advocated the shutdown and met in secret. 
Sarah Palin, Senator Mike Lee (R), Senator Ted Cruz (R)
Some Republicans, in fact, spent the first couple of days of the shutdown using it for exactly that purpose. One Republican Congressman, Representative Randy Neugebauer actually yelled at a park ranger for doing her job (without pay by the way) and for closing the park that EVERY congress person knew would be closed.
Representative Randy Neugebauer
confronts Park Ranger.
So who is using WWII vets? Who are the cowards here? 

Tell me again how this vile piece of hate is unbiased.

Don't "like" this stuff; don't "share" this stuff.  You are being used by an agenda driven, extreme group. When you see it, never go back to that page.

One voice can soon become a choir.

Stop the Hate.