Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's A Circle - Internet Never Dies

The problem that we all know about is that once something gets started on ye ole web, it never goes away.  Memes  created that were once kinda of true aren't anymore. Memes that are still true keep going until we just get tired of them and memes that are false, never die. And memes that make no sense constantly crop up.

Take this one for example:

I've seen this one off and on for a couple of years.  Why is this one for NBC? Was there some point when NBC made statements like "let's disrespect these things"? And if you don't repost have you ceased to be an American? Are you Canadian? I just don't get it.  

Next comes this: 

This one popped up the other day.  I remember this one from the 2012 (or was it 2011?) and it is pretty easy to debunk by using most any fact checking website. To show you how something never dies, our credit rating is AAA again, it was restored although it could still be dropped again because of the recent shutdown.  It was originally dropped after the last threat to not raise the debt ceiling in 2011, by the way.   Gas prices had crashed following the economic crash after reaching an average all time high of around $4.12 in July 2008. By the time of Obama's swearing it, prices were already trending up having hit a low of $1.61 in November of 2008.  Currently gas prices are at a three year low. The debt has been been reduced although there is disagreement as to how much or for how long.   Unemployment was down to 7.4 in September, although thanks to the shutdown, it will probably go back up.  We have two budgets one in the house and one in the senate. The house has refused 18 times to go to a conference,  I have no idea what the 3rd war is.  Inaccurate facts are a lie, by the way. Still this meme will continue to pop up and continue to divide even though it is clearly inaccurate.  

How about this one: 

This one is  interesting to me.  I've blogged about its continued inaccuracy on this before.  As of right now all, but seven states have laws s regarding  the pledge.  The  irony was that two of the people posting this were  in school when I was teaching.  One poster  said the pledge everyday as per Colorado Law as little as two years ago and so knows that this generation is doing the pledge.  Another poster of this exact same meme was back in the day when we stopped doing the pledge for a time in high schools except at all school events.  This person was not a part of the generation that grew up saying the pledge.  So we have a complaint about schools not saying the pledge from a person who knows we say it and another from a person who didn't. Please check your memory.  Thanks

Political memes divide.  And that division is forever on the internet even when it's a lie.  Think before you post. Stop the Hate.

Thanks Brian for keeping me honest.