Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gravity Has Weight

Gravity, the movie not the physical force, is a movie worth your money.  It is exciting and visually stunning. It draws you in, and there are moments where you will find yourself gritting your teeth.  I would also recommend you see this one in 3D.  There are only two actors in the movie and both do okay with their rolls, although I have to state I did get a bit tired of Sandra Bullock's rapid breathing and fear "squeaks." George Clooney plays his typical jaunty hero who has a sort of twinkle in his eye. There is not a whole lot of variety there, but there wasn't a whole lot of character depth either.  The movie is not long at only 91 minutes including credits and that actually adds to the movie's intensity.

That said, the movie is not deep or unpredictable.  You know exactly what it is going into the movie.  It is not one that you are going to spend a lot of time talking about.  It is a strictly a space thill ride, and that's it.  I will not buy the DVD, but I think you will enjoy it. The 3D tears are pretty cool as are the space vistas.

Now if you haven't seen the movie, stop here and come back later to finish, because I am going to give away some major spoilers after the jump.


The issue that is going to plague this movie is that it is really Castaway in space but without the depth of character we receive from Hanks in that movie.  The advertising campaign made it pretty clear that Bullock's character was the sole survivor of the mission in space.  The one attempt at a back story for Bullock's character is that she had a child that died on the playground. This pushes the movie towards melodrama.  

Honestly, I thought the Clooney character would die much earlier than he did.  He lived almost 25 minutes into the movie and then made a carbon dioxide fueled vision that reminded the Bullock character how to save herself.  In effect, Clooney becomes Wilson in the film.  His heroic death scene is also a bit on the melodramatic side. 

 That said, the movie is a fun one to see, but it is no great work of character driven drama.  The very fact that I think of it in terms of the Bullock and Clooney characters rather than by their character names should tell you something about the lack of depth that is built into what is essentially a plot and effects driven movie.  Go see it, but accept it for only what it is.