Sorry for the length, but I didn't have time to write a short blog.

Friday, October 11, 2013

How Dare They

How dare these lazy government employees, who were furloughed by the Congress which shut down the government, complain?  How dare the government employees worry about their rent or their house payment or their car payment, feeding and clothing their kids because they are sitting at home getting paid and earning a tremendous salary?  How dare they not take responsibility for their part in the shutdown? Just who do they think they are?

Poor, poor, Congress taking the heat for this.  You do remember that poor Congressperson who earns over $170,000 per year.  You know that Congress whose membership is roughly 50% millionaires. You know those poor put upon guys and gals that closed the government over a law they cannot get rid of. How dare we feel empathy for the employees who had nothing to do with it?

The problem is they are not getting paid.  They are not sitting at home by choice, and when they were furloughed. they weren't sure they would get back pay.  Only one group was guaranteed pay.  The Congress that  furloughed these employees. I should also point out that not all of them are at home.  A number of them, like the Capitol Police, are on the job without pay.

The average salary for a government employee as of October according to the job site is $49,000 dollars.  Not a pittance but fairly average for a middle class income which they do not receive during the shutdown.   While Congress has voted to give them back salary, it still does not mean that it will stop bill collectors from coming asking. They are not going to get paid until after the shut down ends.  Back salary only goes for government employees.  Private contractors of the government who have been furloughed and as a result furloughed their employees are not covered by the back pay.

And gosh, imagine seeking job security. Imagine the audacity of wanting a pension.  Who would want that?

You really need to check your facts and then go pick up your heart from where ever it was you left it.